Reekado Banks – Skit Lyrics

Reekado Banks – Skit

Ehm it is time for testimonies
I would like to call on our sister
Sister Uche Anyawun for her testimonies
Wherever she is let her cameth

Praise! Praise!
Praise master Jesus
Our God is good
(All the time)
I want to thank the lord for my brother
Brother Ricardo but he is known as Reekado Banks Oke
Enemies try, they attack us front and back, back and front
Up and down, middle and around the circle

Pastor we serve a God
A God that never slept
A God that has never slepted?
They called him small boy ohh

Choir, choir, help me sing this song
Don jazzy sign small boy eh woh woh
Small boy turn biggy man
Oluwa ni you don see oluwa ni yeah yeah
Oluwa ni u don see oluwa ni

They kon dey fire catapult of envy iyehyeheh
Them throw us bomb of jealousy eh
Them try to stop our shining woh woh

We serve a living God I swear

They cannot stop our love oh
But today reekado nwanem oh
Don jazzy lelele
Pastor pastor nmoh
Even congregation eh

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