M.I Abaga – I’m Hot Lyrics

M.I Abaga – I’m Hot Lyrics

I’m Hot (Gbona feli feli by D’banj sample)

Yo big shout to Don Jazzy, D’banj
Yo, this to me is the hottest beat I heard all last year
I had to do something on this track mehn
(o gbona feli feli)
Don Jazzy again
Don don don don Jazzy again
Lets go

Don’t know about you but I’m handsome
Handsome, and M.I is advancing
My Maga didn’t pay but I’m friends with Kelly Handsome
And he’s friends with Richard Branson
This is the anthem
Turn more heads than a sand storm
Pull up in a phantom
Body than a lantern(?)
The boy got gifts like Santa
He put out more hits than the whole of Atlanta
And no, I’m not a Ganja Planter
But my music get you high like a ladder
We for the crowd like Okada, their father
There’s no one like M. Abaga
None got the swagga
Dont know about you but I rhyme with lasgidi on my mind
The city’s on the grind
The cutie wanna whine
I’m like Diddy when I shine
Like Rashidi Yekini am sublime
Blind haters wanna say that the boy don’t spit
30 thousands sold in 30 minutes, shiiiitt!!!
T.Joe know his own Vee doe flow
Make the people go, ain’t that about a bitch
J.town lyricist, top rhyme flower
Girls flock to him in twos, he like Noah
M. getting higher while the rest sink lower
And Yes, I got a girl and No, you don’t know her
I know the next question is did the boy date Kel?
Well, we’ll, she said I shouldn’t tell
All you gotta know is that Kel said Chill
This other rappers sold last year like Celltel
My flows insane (in zain), get it
I flow so sick, I think we gonna need a Medic
I’m a headache
You can call everybody, tell them that he said it
Your flow is basic and mine is acidic
So Yes, I guess I’m hot like D’banj
Like the Mo hits crew, me and Audu
He doesn’t speak much like Don Jazzy too
But were the new generals and this is our crew
Yes sir, no bullets might do
People wanna hate, say we too effing rude
We truly unruly and we should get sued
But look at all the pee we accrued, dude
We run things, things don’t run we
No rappers rap crap, they should be named Dundee
Modeman of the year, best rap single
Other rappers sound like a condom jingle
British Counselor, Ambassador
You’s a passenger, watch your passers sir
And its one million flocks, what I’m asking sir
You could turn on the lights while she’s basking sir
People say M.I name the best three
I say lets see, Me Me Me
No other dudes come close
I’m homophobic
Flow so fly that my tongue do aerobics
Actors, wanna study my tactics
Watch when I practice but they can’t crack this
My hide tough like a hippo’s back is
And I ride rough like prophylactics
And I’m hot, you’re not, Bolo!!!!
You can’t copy me, I solo like Isolo
I make green and you turn green
With envy but not like the hulk see
Seeing others clean, I’m the best from the scene
And I won’t stop till I rule with Billy Jean
And you already lost, nobody can intervene
Like a milli a milli a milli, I make cream
I’m straight bar chilling, ef what you feeling
I’m a rockstar, sounded like Bob Dylan
My old school rap will finish your latest
Nobody wanna try M.I like AIDS test
Don’t ef with me cos it isn’t safe sex
I’m the big picture like one gig jpegs
Discs may vex
See even Jags doesn’t mess with me
And Jagz is the greatest
And you’re the grotesque
Gets no sex, no chicks, no checks
M. in a lex, M. on a bike, M. in a bus
And it really doesn’t matter cos they talk about us
I’m a superstar, you’re just stupid ha
I’m so in-tune like a new guitar
See one more bar, I’m a drop
And lets see if you faggot rappers can pick it up
I am so hot
I am so hot
I am so hot hot hot hot
And I am out

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