M.I Abaga – Craze Lyrics

M.I Abaga – Craze Lyrics

When they gbongbonlo, you cause
Dey gbangbanla
When they gbangbanla, you cause
When they gbinginli, you con
Dey ronronro
When they ronronro, you con dey
Na so craze dey start

Na so craze dey start
Lets face the fact
That the people are slim and the
Governors fat
And the people laboring, only
The oga relax
It’s just a matter of time, the
People gonna react
People wanna eat but there’s
No money at all
So they gotta be sharp coz the
Governors dull
People struggle and toil, others
Chopping them all
Some people koko with oil, others
Are chopping the oil
When the brokest start to protest
It’s coz we know that there isn’t
We know the lowest and the poorest
Are living in grotesque
Kande sees so Kande shall cause
The unrest
You don’t need to be a physic to
Know tears
Majority over population live
In hopeless
So if the 90% are now the brokest
Then you know you gonna find fire
Where the smoke is

Na so craze dey start
For university class, even if
You study you must know somebody
To pass
No light in the hostel, no light
In the class
No water mehn, students buying
Water to baff
Ten students, one room? all of
Them share the mattress
Plus, the room is there for those
Who wealthier pass
The lecturer just told my girlfriend
Say he liking her ass
If she wanna pass the class, she
Gotta give him the yansh
And the VC and Bisi driving in
His new car
Tell me what I might do sir
They keep saying that the kids
Are the future but the hardship
Continues, Aluta!
Education is a big mess, true
Computer science degree never
Seen a computer
Today the bazooka sound in the
School yard, breaking every louver

Na so craze dey start
Before we start to kidnap, e don
Tey wey we dey struggle and the
Times are hard
Niger Delta where we live is like
A hole in the map
Only the oil is respected but
The people are crap
I can’t go to the farm because the
Soil is bad
Can’t fish anymore, the fish are
Packing their bag
I discovered that the oil people
Paid all my leader
I can’t complain unless they do
Me Ken Saro Wiwa
So when the shooting and looting
And the poor thing
Or you pour in the boot is the new
Think about the polluting and
Using the land and refusing to
Pop in a few things
Think about all the people that
Can survive so others can make
Money off the fewer that don’t
No NEPA mehn, we gotta buy diesel
For light
And after everything they raise
The fuel price

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