Lyrics: The Live Report (A-Q & M.I Abaga)

Lyrics: The Live Report (A-Q & M.I Abaga)

This is the live report…

This is the Live Report
This here that fresh information so you should probably talk
AQ and M on a project, yo this is valid talk
The game needed us to do another one, DJ Khaled talk!
Still so truth be told, who would I be?
Probably try to sound like Boogey
Truthfully, I wanna rhyme like common sense
I heard y’all talking about 5G
Like damn, y’all need common sense
But is the brain washing is y’all defense
Ask your pastor what’s going to happen
He’s gon stutter like it all depends
I swear these nig*as call a wall a fence
And y’all are like ‘ohhh shit, thank you God for your prophets, yes’
The consequence is confidence in conspiracy theories
Without seeing them through a proper lens
Fear politics is all it is
In the minds of the synopsis
Where the knowledge in colleges
Is rejected for charlatans
We emerge as a nation of fools
Bigger churches and schools
Where evil politicians worship in too
With different passports, yes they purchase a few
I’m nervous for us
Until I japa
Then I will just be nervous for you for you
This is the Live Report
This here that fresh information so you should probably talk
AQ and M on a project, yo this is valid talk
The game needed us to do another one, DJ Khaled talk!

Let me help you fill in the gaps
Let me help you fill in the gaps
The only way I can deliver this message is in my raps
Take it or reject it, but my vision is apt
Corporations are stacking up billions with these apps
So they created a virus that will keep you at home
You don’t have nothing else to do but to play with your phone
They want you to get used to that way of life
Keep you online
Domesticate you and keep you confined, combined
And you ignored all the warning signs
We’re in a war, everything is now weaponized
They use the apps tool to track you
And as your time goes tick tock (Tik Tok), they’re cashing out too
It’s hard enough but you’re adding up a new challenge
Flip the switch to toosie slide, all being arranged
Conspiracy theories all sound the same
They sound insane, but take a little time
And you will find the plane
The revelation as told through John
Signs of the end time, but I hope you’re wrong
They keep telling you lies and you believe it
But who knew that
The world is infected and we created the agent to do that
It’s not airborne but it travel through planes
Man will destroy the world himself with his tech game
You find the source, and you will find the cure
Get the first person that contracted it on your live report

What I see these days is mental genocide
As a skeptic, I identify with trying to simplify
See, the scientific method cannot tell a lie
And so the data is the thing upon which most I must rely
So COVID19, SARS, MERS and Spanish Flu
Was it the electricity that we putting the planet through?
Should we panic? Is it something satanic, how it began?
And is the vaccine just a part of the plan?
Well here’s a clue for you
Everytime they’ve alluded to, the end of the world
Like “doom is you”, we all prayed and assumed its true
It never happens though, imagine
No time ever has it ever been told that God
Will end the world through people catching cold
She who asserts, must bring the evidence
Tell your friends that intelligence isn’t married to elegance
It’s not what they tell you
It’s what they can prove. The live report

Yo! Yo! Yo!
You gotta be in tune to get my view
You’ve got to be in tune to get my views
I’m telling you the economics of the future when we survive the flu
Offline businesses loose billions, online thrives
The perfect time to push 5G or just coincides?
It’s an American and Chinese tech war
They’ve been in bed for years
And the apps is their sex toys
It’s not the end of the world, it’s the end of an era
Everything goes online now but does it make it better?
Businesses are safe but people are loosing their jobs
Creators of the apps remain ahead of the curve
The question is, where is Africa and all of this?
We are basically in politics
On some corruption shit
This is the Live Report
Q and MI on a project, yo this is valid talk…

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