Lyrics: A Class Act (ThisisAQ ft. M.I Abaga)

Lyrics: A Class Act (ThisisAQ ft. M.I Abaga)


[Verse: MI]
Never been a clout chaser
Even back when I was without paper
Labour from the time when i wake up till the daytime
Till the sky turn grey
I make my way till the pinnacle, been a few benefits
Made me dinner too

Who could have thought the junk I sung would bang
Bump the romp and make me bank
Storms me sometimes
Got to be on guard as you rap towards ring sometimes
Vanfleets sometimes
When I hate wake me up, I can’t sleep sometimes
But then i remember these rappers can’t eat sometimes
Because of how elite I rhyme
I guess its ‘cos when you’re the goat you forget about sheep sometimes

I forgive you and give you a pass
I wish you do less, but do what you do best
I’ve taken the bullets so you can keep playing
Russian roulette
Space in my heart that I had for you
Now i have a sign over it and that sign says to-let
Next time you fuck with me, know that punishment is love
And i promise to love you till death

Nothing in this game is surprising
It’s just new editions
They try to evict the victorious
Till you show them that you vicious
I’m not superstitious but i don’t need none of you niggas around me no more
And this expedition is brought to you by A-Q’s road to perdition

[Verse: A-Q]
What’s the plan for a Visoneer
I just wanna be a billionaire, I just wanna be a billionaire
And its so close i feel it in the air, my competition still lives in fear
My faith is not religion its corporate vision
My proposition is still in gear
Keep your plaques and your souvenirs, lose yourself and you’d see me there

I’m a risk taker, not a hit maker
Don’t imitator, but i’m good with data
Scripting java for cd sales, hard copies i still retail
Merchandise i would soon reveal
Record labels wanna see me fail
‘cos i go against their blueprint, signing rappers with new ink
‘mma stay on track if it all derails

Never call me no celebrity, I’m a hustler with integrity
What I’m selling is not a remedy, its a way out of uncertainty
Doors closed up, I found the windows, traffic hold up i found a free road
I could start from zero and make it back
Ten years from now, boy play this back
No lies, told how I rose
It is God’s engineering not my own
Navigated the game with one eye closed
From the slums I rose, I compose
And if we going out then we got to go out spraying
I was on my knees and praying, Amen
You can smell me, you can tell my fragrance
All about the green like grazing, craving
And I bleed bars seen war, been scarred
Now I wanna see God

But I see frauds, false prophets and doctrines
Indoctrinated to your off-springs, white shirt with cuff-links
Wrestling in church rings, rape cases on a daily basis
Child abuse and i hate to say this, it happens in places that you say your graces
They’ll be casualties when I leave
Parkinson’s, Muhammed Ali
Life as a way of getting back at you
I’ll be waiting though, but until then
The bakery is closed

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